The "Smoking" and "Tobacco"  prohibition campaign is not what it seems...i.e., a nice, "green", campaign to protect health of children, workers, or anyone.  It's really about protecting the cigarette cartel...including and especially  its most toxic parts...pesticides, chlorine and dioxin, radiation-contaminated fertilizers, etc., and fake tobacco, burn accelerants, pharmaceuticals that supply pesticides and unlabeled additives, and so on...AND all of their insurers and investors...AND complicit enablers in government.

- This sold-out government dumps so much child-harming substances on, and into, children that it makes your head spin.  But, when it comes to "smoking", govt jumps heroically into action.
-  This corporate-serving government does all it can to limit rights of workers that one's head spins again.  But, when it comes to "smoking", govt goes all out to "protect workers"...from smoke that hasn't yet even been studied or properly described.  

Saddest part of this is that even "lefties", "greens" and "progressives" seem to believe the prohibition of use of this natural plant is a good thing.   They've joined the corporate mainstream crusade ("Tobacco Madness" ?) against not just Mother Nature, but against unwitting, uninformed, unprotected smokers, the primary victims of fraud, secret poisoning, experimentation without informed consent, and denial of compensation.

References galore are at Fauxbacco...    Here then are political cartoons on this issue.

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Many, or most, of these cartoons have been published in periodicals and leaflets and web-sites, etc., around the USA, and some in Germany, the UK and Australia...and beyond.

Publications have included Z Magazine, Extra! (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting), Public Citizen, Earth First! Journal, POCLAD, Food and Water, Solidarity, Synthesis-Regeneration, Compost Dispatch, Philadelphia Daily News, University City Review (Phila.), Green Left Weekly (Australia), Green Pages, Hawaii Island Journal, Funny Times, Wild Earth, Dollars and Sense, Dissent, Earth Island Journal, North Coast Xpress, Anderson Valley Advertiser, The Prism, The Partisan, Orion, Tox CAT (UK- Communities Against Toxics), Boycott Quarterly, Friends of the Earth, and others that I will add to this list when I remember them.

Cartoons have been, or still are, also used at web sites of various activist groups such as NORML, and various Single Payer health care advocates.

A bunch of cartoons were scattered throughout "Censored 2008" Project Censored's 2008 annual collection of top 25 Censored Stories, and in Teishan Latner's "The Quotable Rebel", an invaluable book of quotes that are especially usable by political activists.

Other work is periodically used in commercial textbooks.

A lot of the cartoons have been graciously hosted at Paul Goettlich's amazing Mindfully site...which he no longer administers, but is still there. Worth a look for many reasons. 

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